Central dispatch component for RPC requests.
Declaring type: ZyanDispatcher
Namespace: Zyan.Communication
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Method ZyanDispatcher Creates a new instance of the ZyanDispatcher class.
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Public Method AddEventHandler Adds a handler to an event of a server component.
Public Method ExistSession Returns true, if a specified Session ID is valid, otherwis false.
Public Method GetRegisteredComponents Returns an array with metadata about all registered components.
Public Method Virtual InitializeLifetimeService Initializes the .NET Remoting limetime service of this object.
Public Method Invoke Processes remote method invocation.
Public Method Logoff Process logoff.
Public Method Logon Processes logon.
Public Method ReceiveClientHeartbeat Called from client to send a heartbeat signal.
Public Method RemoveEventHandler Removes a handler from an event of a server component.
Public Method RenewSession Extends the lifetime of the current session and returs the current session age limit.
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Protected Method Virtual OnClientHeartbeatReceived Fires the ClientHeartbeatReceived event. Event is fired in a different thread to avoid blocking the client.
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Public Property SessionAgeLimit Gets the maximum sesseion age (in minutes).
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Public Event ClientHeartbeatReceived Event: Occours when a heartbeat signal is received from a client.