This namespace contains core classes of the public API of Zyan Communication Framework.
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Class AfterInvokeEventArgs Describes arguments for events raised after remote method invocation.
Public Class BeforeInvokeEventArgs Describes arguments for events raised after remote method invocation.
Public Class CallInterceptionData Describes a single call interception action.
Public Class CallInterceptor General implementation of a call interception device.
Public Class CallInterceptorBuilder<T> Strong-typed builder for individual call interceptors.
Public Class CallInterceptorCollection Collection of call interception devices.
Public Class CallInterceptorHelper<T> Allows building call interceptors with strong-typed fluent interface
Public Class ClientHeartbeatEventArgs Describes arguments for client heartbeat events.
Public Class ComponentCatalog Implements a component catalog.
Public Class ComponentInfo Describes a published component.
Public Class ComponentRegistration Describes a component registration.
Public Class CustomSerializationContainer Container for custom serialized objects.
Public Class DisconnectedEventArgs Describes arguments for the Disconnected event.
Public Class Static IComponentCatalogExtensions Component catalog shorter method overloads.
Public Class InvalidSessionException Implements a Exception to be thrown if a session is invalid.
Public Class InvokeCanceledEventArgs Arguments for the InvokeCanceled event.
Public Class InvokeCanceledException Implements a Exception to be thrown if remote call was canceled.
Public Class LogicalCallContextData Stores data that travels with the call context from client to server and back.
Public Class LoginEventArgs Event arguments for login events.
Public Class NewLogonNeededEventArgs Describes arguments for NewLogonNeeded events.
Public Class SerializationHandlerRepository Repository of serialization handlers.
Public Class ServerSession Describes a server session.
Public Class SubscriptionEventArgs Describes subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
Public Class ZyanComponentHost Host for publishing components with Zyan.
Public Class ZyanConnection Maintains a connection to a Zyan component host.
Public Class ZyanConnectionSetup Describes configuration settings for setup a single Zyan Connection.
Public Class ZyanDispatcher Central dispatch component for RPC requests.
Public Class ZyanErrorEventArgs Provides specific data for ZyanError-Events.
Public Class ZyanProxy Proxy to access a remote Zyan component.
Public Class Static ZyanSettings Static configuration settings of Zyan.
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Public Interface IComponentCatalog Component catalog interface
Public Interface ISerializationHandler Interface for custom serialization handling.
Public Interface IZyanDispatcher General interface for dispatch component.
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Public Delegate CallInterceptionDelegate Delegate to call custom call interception logic.
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Public Enumeration ActivationType Enumeration of supported activation types.
Public Enumeration LoginEventType Available types of login events.
Public Enumeration ZyanErrorAction Possible actions for cought error.