Describes a component registration.
Declaring type: ComponentRegistration
Namespace: Zyan.Communication
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Method ComponentRegistration Overloaded. Creates a new instance of the ComponentRegistration class.
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Public Method Virtual ToString Returns a string representation of the object.
Collapse/Expand Public Properties
  Name Description
Public Property ActivationType Gets or sets the activation type (Singleton/SingleCall)
Public Property CleanUpHandler Gets or sets a delegate of a method for handling resource clean up explicitly.
Public Property DisposeWithCatalog Gets or sets, if the components should be disposed together with its owning component catalog.
Public Property EventStub Gets or sets the event stub that caches all event handlers of the registered component.
Public Property ImplementationType Gets or sets the implementation type of the component.
Public Property InitializationHandler Gets or sets the delegate of the initialization method.
Public Property InterfaceType Gets or sets the interface type of the component.
Public Property SingletonInstance Gets or sets the current instance (Singleton activation only) of the registered component.
Public Property SyncLock Returns the lock object for thread synchronization.
Public Property UniqueName Gets or sets the unqiue name of the component.