Maintains a connection to a Zyan component host.
Declaring type: ZyanConnection
Namespace: Zyan.Communication
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Method ZyanConnection Overloaded. Creates a new instance of the ZyanConnection class.
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  Name Description
Public Method CreateProxy<T> Overloaded. Creates a local proxy object of a specified remote component.
Public Method Dispose Release managed resources.
Public Method Reconnect Reestablish connection to server.
Public Method RefreshRegisteredComponents Refreshes the list of server-side components.
Collapse/Expand Protected Internal Methods
  Name Description
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnAfterInvoke Fires the AfterInvoke event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnBeforeInvoke Fires the BeforeInvoke event.
Protected Internal Method OnError Fires the Error event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnInvokeCanceled Fires the InvokeCanceled event.
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Protected Method Virtual Finalize Called from CLR when the object is finalized.
Protected Method Virtual OnDisconnected Fires the Disconnected event.
Protected Method Virtual OnNewLogonNeeded Fires the NewLogonNeeded event.
Protected Method Virtual OnReconnected Fires the Reconnected event.
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  Name Description
Public Property Static AllowUrlRandomization Enables or disables URL randomization to work around Remoting Identity caching.
Public Property CallInterceptionEnabled Gets whether registered call interceptors should be processed.
Public Property CallInterceptors Returns a collection of registred call interceptors.
Public Property ComponentHostName Gets the name of the remote component host.
Public Property Static Connections Gets a list of all known Zyan connections in the current Application Domain.
Public Property IsSessionValid Gets true, if the session on server is valid, otherwise false.
Public Property PollingEnabled Gets whether polling is enabled.
Public Property PollingInterval Gets or sets the polling interval. Default is 1 minute.
Public Property SerializationHandling Returns the repository of serialization handlers.
Public Property ServerUrl Gets the URL of the remote server.
Public Property SessionID Gets the session ID.
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Protected Internal Property RemoteDispatcher Gets a proxy to access the remote dispatcher.
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  Name Description
Public Event AfterInvoke Event: After a remote call is invoked.
Public Event BeforeInvoke Event: Before a remote call is invoked.
Public Event Disconnected Occurs when disconnection is detected.
Public Event Error Event: Occures when a error is detected.
Public Event InvokeCanceled Event: When a remote call is canceled.
Public Event NewLogonNeeded Event: Fired when a new logon is needed, after a detected diconnection.
Public Event Reconnected Occurs when connection is restored.