Host for publishing components with Zyan.
Declaring type: ZyanComponentHost
Namespace: Zyan.Communication
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Field Authenticate Request for authentication.
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Public Method ZyanComponentHost Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the ZyanComponentHost class.
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  Name Description
Public Method Dispose Releases all managed resources.
Public Method GetComponentInstance Returns an instance of a specified registered component.
Public Method GetRegisteredComponents Returns a list with information about all registered components.
Public Method RegisterComponent<I> Registers a component in the component catalog.
Public Method RegisterComponent<I, T> Overloaded. Registers a component in the component catalog.
Public Method UnregisterComponent Deletes a component registration.
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  Name Description
Protected Internal Method HasAfterInvokeSubscriptions Checks whether the AfterInvoke event has subscriptions.
Protected Internal Method HasBeforeInvokeSubscriptions Checks whether the BeforeInvoke event has subscriptions.
Protected Internal Method HasInvokeCanceledSubscriptions Checks whether the InvokeCanceled event has subscriptions.
Protected Internal Method HasInvokeRejectedSubscriptions Checks whether the InvokeRejected event has subscriptions.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnAfterInvoke Fires the AfterInvoke event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnBeforeInvoke Fires the BeforeInvoke event.
Protected Internal Method OnClientLoggedOff Fires "ClientLoggedOff" event.
Protected Internal Method OnClientLoggedOn Fires "ClientLoggedOn" event.
Protected Internal Method OnClientSessionTerminated Fires "ClientSessionTerminated" event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnInvokeCanceled Fires the InvokeCanceled event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnInvokeRejected Fires the InvokeRejected event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnSubscriptionAdded Raises the SubscriptionAdded event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnSubscriptionCanceled Raises the SubscriptionCanceled event.
Protected Internal Method Virtual OnSubscriptionRemoved Raises the SubscriptionRemoved event.
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Protected Method Virtual Finalize Is called from runtime when this object is finalized.
Protected Method Virtual OnClientHeartbeatReceived Fires the ClientHeartbeatReceived event.
Protected Method Virtual OnDisposing Fires the Disposing event.
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Public Property ComponentCatalog Get or sets the component catalog for this host instance.
Public Property Static Hosts Gets a list of all known hosts.
Public Property Static LegacyBlockingEvents Gets or sets a value indicating whether legacy blocking events raising mode is enabled.
Public Property Name Gets the name of the component host.
Public Property Virtual PollingEventTracingEnabled Gets or sets whether polling event tracing is enabled.
Public Property SerializationHandling Gets the serialization handling repository.
Public Property SessionManager Returns the session manager used by this host.
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  Name Description
Public Event AfterInvoke Occurs after the component call is completed.
Public Event BeforeInvoke Occurs before the component call is initiated.
Public Event ClientHeartbeatReceived Event: Occours when a heartbeat signal is received from a client.
Public Event ClientLoggedOff Occurs when the client is logged off.
Public Event ClientLoggedOn Occurs when new client is logged on.
Public Event ClientSessionTerminated Occurs when the client session is terminated abnormally.
Public Event Disposing Occurs when this instance is disposed.
Public Event InvokeCanceled Occurs when the component call is canceled due to exception.
Public Event InvokeRejected Occurs when the component call is rejected due to security reasons.
Public Event SubscriptionAdded Occurs when a client subscribes to a component's event.
Public Event SubscriptionCanceled Occurs when a component cancels the subscription due to exceptions thrown by the client's event handler.
Public Event SubscriptionRemoved Occurs when a client unsubscribes to a component's event.