General implementation of a call interception device.
Declaring type: CallInterceptor
Namespace: Zyan.Communication
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
Collapse/Expand Public Constructors
  Name Description
Public Method CallInterceptor Overloaded. Creates a new instance of the CallInterceptor class.
Collapse/Expand Public Methods
  Name Description
Public Method Static For<TInterface> Overloaded. Returns strong-typed call interceptor builder for the component with the specified interface.
Public Method Static PauseInterception Pauses call interception for the current thread.
Collapse/Expand Public Properties
  Name Description
Public Property Enabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether this CallInterceptor is enabled.
Public Property InterfaceType Gets the interface type of the intercepted component.
Public Property Static IsPaused Gets or sets a value indicating whether call interception is paused for the current thread.
Public Property MemberName Gets the name of the intercepted member.
Public Property MemberType Gets the Type of the intercepted member.
Public Property OnInterception Get a callback for custom call interception logic
Public Property ParameterTypes Gets the types of parameters for the intercepted member. CAUTION! Order is relevant.
Public Property UniqueName Gets the unique name of intercepted component.