Remoting channel for communications inside the same AppDomain.
Declaring type: NullChannel
Namespace: Zyan.Communication.Protocols.Null
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Method NullChannel Overloaded. Ininitializes a new instance of the NullChannel class.
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Public Method CreateMessageSink Returns a channel message sink that delivers messages to the specified URL or channel data object.
Public Method GetUrlsForUri Returns an array of all the URLs for a URI.
Public Method Parse Returns the object URI as an out parameter, and the URI of the current channel as the return value.
Public Method StartListening Instructs the current channel to start listening for requests.
Public Method StopListening Instructs the current channel to stop listening for requests.
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Public Property ChannelData Gets the channel-specific data.
Public Property ChannelName Gets the name of the channel.
Public Property ChannelPriority Gets the priority of the channel.