A visitor for Expressions.
Declaring type: ExpressionVisitor
Namespace: Zyan.InterLinq.Expressions.Helpers
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Protected Method ExpressionVisitor Creates a new ExpressionVisitor with an Expression.
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Public Method Visit Visit the Expression in this visitor.
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  Name Description
Protected Method Visit Visit an Expression.
Protected Method Visit<T> Visits an Expression and returns a result of the type T.
Protected Method Abstract VisitBinaryExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.BinaryExpression.
Protected Method VisitCollection<T> Visit a collection of expressions.
Protected Method Abstract VisitConditionalExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.ConditionalExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitConstantExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.ConstantExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitElementInit Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.ElementInit.
Protected Method Virtual VisitHandleNull Handle when the method Visit is .
Protected Method Abstract VisitInvocationExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.InvocationExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitLambdaExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.LambdaExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitListInitExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.ListInitExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMemberAssignment Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MemberAssignment.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMemberExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MemberExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMemberInitExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MemberInitExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMemberListBinding Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MemberListBinding.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMemberMemberBinding Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MemberMemberBinding.
Protected Method Abstract VisitMethodCallExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.MethodCallExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitNewArrayExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.NewArrayExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitNewExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.NewExpression.
Protected Method VisitObject Visit an .
Protected Method VisitObject<T> Visits an and returns a result of the type T.
Protected Method VisitObjectCollection<T> Visit a collection of objects.
Protected Method Virtual VisitObjectHandleNull Handle when the method VisitObject is .
Protected Method Virtual VisitObjectPrecondition Precondition of the method VisitObject.
Protected Method Abstract VisitParameterExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.ParameterExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitTypeBinaryExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.TypeBinaryExpression.
Protected Method Abstract VisitTypedExpression<T> Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.Expression`1.
Protected Method Abstract VisitUnaryExpression Visit a System.Linq.Expressions.UnaryExpression.
Protected Method Virtual VisitUnknownExpression Handles the case, when the type of the Expression is unkonwn.
Protected Method Virtual VisitUnkownObject Handles the case, when the type of the is unkonwn.
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Public Property Expression The Expression to visit.