Server handler class to retrieve information via .NET Remoting.
Declaring type: ServerQueryRemotingHandler
Namespace: Zyan.InterLinq.Communication.Remoting
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Method ServerQueryRemotingHandler Initializes this class.
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Protected Method ServerQueryRemotingHandler Initializes this class.
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Public Method Virtual InitializeLifetimeService This methods is overwritten because this class is made for a singleton service and should live until the application terminates.
Public Method Retrieve Retrieves data from the server by an Expression tree.
Public Method Start Overloaded. Publishes this object for remoting.
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Protected Method Virtual GetRegisteredService Returns the registered IQueryRemoteHandler.
Protected Method Virtual RegisterService Registers the IQueryRemoteHandler as service.
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Public Property InnerHandler Gets the IQueryRemoteHandler.