This namespace contains utility classes for delegates, events and dynamic wires for EBC programming.
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Class DelegateCorrelationInfo Beschreibt Korrelationsinformationen zur Verdrahtung eines Server-Delegaten mit einer Client-Methode.
Public Class DelegateInterceptor Interception fixture for remote delegate invocation.
Public Class EmptyDelegateFactory Creates empty delegates of any given type.
Public Class Static EventFilter Helper class for event filters.
Public Class Abstract EventFilterBase<TEventArgs> Base class for strong-typed event filters.
Public Class EventStub Event stub caches all event handlers for a single-call component.
Public Class Static FilteredEventHandler Helper class for filtered event handlers.
Public Class FlexibleEventFilter<TEventArgs> Expression-based event filter.
Public Class Static SafeDynamicInvoker A safer replacement for the Delegate.DynamicInvoke method.
Public Class SessionEventArgs Base class for session-bound event arguments.
Public Class SessionEventFilter Event filter for session-bound events.
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Public Interface IEventFilter Interface for server-side event filtering.
Public Interface IFilteredEventHandler Interface for filtered event handlers.