This namespace contains compression channel sinks. Compression sinks enable transparent compression for the network traffic.
Assembly: Zyan.Communication
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Public Class CompressionClientChannelSinkProvider Client channel compression sink provider. Creates Zyan.Communication.ChannelSinks.Compression.CompressionClientChannelSink for the client sink chain.
Public Class CompressionServerChannelSinkProvider Server channel compression sink provider. Creates Zyan.Communication.ChannelSinks.Compression.CompressionServerChannelSink for the server sink chain.
Public Class NonCompressibleAttribute Marks the class as an exempt from compression.
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Public Interface ICompressible The ICompressible interface implements a property that returns a flag, which determines if the request or response should be compressed. This interface is used in conjuction with the compression sink implementation and allows to determine dynamically if the request or response is to be compressed.
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Public Enumeration CompressionMethod Compression levels.